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NINJA KITTIESĀ® are fun and cute little kittens dressed up in Ninja outfits.

The leading character is a lovely princess kitten who transforms into "Ninja" when she wants to become brave and adventurous.


Kind, caring, and very

generous.  Always tries to help others.  She looks like an angel, and she prays for everyone's happiness and world peace.

Witty and enthusiastic.

Always passionate about what she does. She is confident and handles anything with a positive attitude.

Outgoing and sociable.  Brightens up everybody around him with his sunny optimism.

Always happy and full of energy.

Cheerful and peppy.  Her top interest is fashion and make up.

She has a big collection of pretty

accessories.  She loves going

shopping with her friends.

Very athletic and strong.

Competitive by nature, he wants

to be No.1 at everything.  He is

great at any sports and good at cooking also.

Hardworking and patient.

Although she is very slow in

movement, she never gives up until she achieves her goals no matter how long it takes.

Quiet and reserved.  Loves reading books and drawing with

color pencils.  She never gets bored.  She is very creative and uses a lot of her imagination.

Shy and coward.  He doesn't have courage to do anything extraordinary or adventurous.

He wants to become as strong as a lion someday.

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